Annual Report & Accounts 2015



EVRAZ Vanady Tula (Russia)

EVRAZ Vanady Tula is the largest Russian producer of ferrovanadium. Its production facilities are in Tula, in the Tula region.

Key consumers:

EVRAZ Nikom, EVRAZ Vametco, EVRAZ Stratcor, Steel producers


Output by key products, mtV
Vanadium pentoxide 4,035
Ferrovanadium (FeV) 2,559
Oxide vanadium product 2,066

EVRAZ Nikom (Czech Republic)

EVRAZ Nikom is a ferrovanadium producer in the Czech Republic. It has one processing facility, which it uses to process vanadium pentoxide received from EVRAZ Vanady Tula and China and also vanadium trioxide from EVRAZ Vametco into ferrovanadium.

Key consumers:

Steel producers


Output by key products, mtV
Ferrovanadium (FeV) 4,939

EVRAZ Stratcor (US)

EVRAZ Stratcor is a producer of high-purity vanadium alloys and chemicals and a major supplier of vanadium to the chemical and titanium industries. It is headquartered in Hot Springs, Arkansas, the US, and it owns plants in the US and South Aftrica.

Key consumers:

Catalysts producers, VAL/titanium industry, specialty chemical producers.


Output by key products, mtV
Oxides 879
VAL 474
Chemicals 198
Key developments

EVRAZ Vanady Tula

Commission of new filtration site (black filters).


Installment of packaging machine and slag crushing equipment.

EVRAZ Stratcor

Production capacity improvement for vanadium oxides products.

Commissioning of extraction system for improvement of technological process. (SX system).


EVRAZ intends to maintain production volumes at the level of 2015.