Annual Report & Accounts 2015




EVRAZ KGOK is located in the Sverdlovsk region, around 140 kilometres from EVRAZ NTMK, its primary consumer. EVRAZ KGOK develops the Gusevogorskoye deposit of titanium magnetite ores, which contain vanadium, allowing production of high-tensile alloyed steel products. EVRAZ KGOK produces sinter and pellets rich in vanadium oxide, which are shipped by rail to end consumers.


Output by key products, kt
Sinter 3,529
Pellets 6,510
Concentrate 157

Evrazruda (Russia)

Evrazruda comprises numerous ore mining and enrichment enterprises in the Kemerovo region (the Tashtagolsky, Kazsky, Sheregeshsky iron ore mines, the Gurevsky limestone ore mine, and the Abagurskaya sinter and enrichment plant).


Output by key products, kt
ConcentrateSupplied to EVRAZ ZSMK’s beneficiation plant for further processing into sinter 3,730

EVRAZ Sukha Balka (Ukraine)

EVRAZ Sukha Balka is an iron ore mining and processing complex. It operates two underground iron ore mines, Yubileynaya and Frunze, both of which have crushing and sorting facilities.


Output by key products, kt
Lumpy ore 2,809
Key Developments


Produced more than 59 million tonnes of iron ore in 2015. A decision was made to postpone the start of new dump construction untill 2022.


In the project to reconstruct the Sheregesh mine, scheduled target production volume was achieved (4.2 million tonnes in 2015 compared with 2.2 million tonnes in 2014). It was decided to continue operation without additional CAPEX at the Abagure’s ore stockpile. Options to extend operation of Tashtagol mine untill 2025 were considered.

EVRAZ Sukha Balka

Production was launched of ore with an iron content of more than 60% (114 thousand tonnes) for EVRAZ DMZ Petrovskogo.


License extension has been granted. Feasibility study continued.


EVRAZ intends to maintain production level and high capacity utilisation as well as continue implementation of the key investment projects according to the plan.

Key Projects

Reconstruction of the Sheregesh Mine (Evrazruda):

Expansion of production of up to 4.8 mtpa in 2018.


Commissioning of the horizon +115 m with a new production technology.

Northern Quarry (EVRAZ KGOK):

Expansion of production of up to 30 mtpa in 2018.


Stage one completed.

Expansion of Processing of Magnetite ore from the Frunze Mine (EVRAZ Sukha Balka):

Produce ore with an iron content of more than 60% (does not require agglomeration)


Ore mining has begun and a quality improvement programme is under way